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Our comprehensive weight-loss program in Fort Collins, Colorado offers gastric bypass, Lap-Band and sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. Contact our patient navigator today to find out if you are a candidate for weight-loss surgery. 

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Wendy changed her life. You can too.

Wendy lost 100 lbs. following bariatric surgery at Bariatric Center of the Rockies.

The right weight-loss surgery for you.
At Bariatric Center of the Rockies, we perform three types of bariatric surgery - gastric bypass, Lap-Band, and sleeve gastrectomy. Following an in-depth consultation, the right surgery will be chosen for your individual needs. 

Comprehensive Program
We are here for you before and after. All patients who enter our program will have thorough pre-surgical and post-surgical consultations. We want you to succeed and offer you the help that you need.

Over 4,000 surgeries performed
Since 1995 our surgeons have performed over 4,000 surgeries. You can take comfort in the fact that your surgeon is an expert in his field who uses best practices to ensure a positive outcome.

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"A lot of things have changed since my weight-loss surgery. I'm off the couch. I'm living life. I've gone from a size 20 to a size 6." - Wendy Jones lost 100 lbs. following weight loss surgery at Bariatric Center of the Rockies. 

We are a Bariatric Center of Excellence 
We go to great lengths to ensure each patient has the best experience. Our focus on quality has earned us the designation as a Center of Excellence

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